About Us

The Knights of Columbus is not just a fraternity in name. It is a brotherhood of Catholic men who each play a part in improving the world around them, one community at a time. They stand together in faith, dedicated to uphold the principles they cherish while lending their support and strength to parish, home and fellow Knight.

From charity for worldwide causes, to helping closer to home with volunteer activities, the Knights makes the most of its brotherhood.

What We Provide


  • Support our parish with its needs
  • Help meet the needs of those in our community Support programs that benefit people with intellectual disabilities
  • Aid victims of natural disasters and other catastrophic events, local and worldwide


  • A unique “band of brothers”
  • Shared values and the support to live out our Catholic faith more fully
  • The ability for our network to accomplish things together that we could not accomplish alone


  • Exclusive access to our top-rated life insurance products, available only to members and their families

A Few of the Community Programs We Serve


  • RSVP (Seminarian Support)
  • Rosary Program
  • Holy Hour
  • Sacramental Gifts


  • Coats for Kids
  • Global Wheelchair Mission
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Helping Hands
  • Father Roy Lee Homeless Help


  • Food for Families
  • Family Prayer Night


  • March of Life
  • Special Olympics
  • Ultrasound Program
  • Pregnancy Center Support
  • …and many more